Friday, July 11, 2008


Lyrics by Stan C. Countz

When you’re sad and blue and feelin’ down
It seems the leaves will always be brown
Just remember it won’t always be November
Spring is just around the corner
You will soon rebound
Things will come around

Soon another road will come to view
Your strength and youth will be renewed
So don’t stay down too long
Let His love and joy abound
Things will come around

Don’t stay down in the dumps
Sometimes life can pack a punch
Ya gotta take your lumps
Don’t let it eat your lunch
Things will come around

When the enemy comes in
like a flood
You feel like you’ve been
Drug through the mud
Just hit your knees
Confess your need
And plead the blood

Sad days will be a thing of the past
Bad days never seem to last
The dye has been cast
Time goes by so fast
But He’s more than equal to the task
If you’ll only ask

Life has it’s ups and downs
But we don’t always count the cost
Don’t stay down too long
Even He didn’t stay on the cross
Things will come around

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